One moment can change your life forever.


With tonight being New Years <a href="">Eve</a> I would just like to take a moment to share my family’s experience with drunk driving.

My cousins wife 17 year old son, Alex, died in a drunk driving accident July 2016. Both he, & his passenger (one of his best friends, also 17) died. He was her only child.

One of the boys posted a video to his Snapchat story shortly before they crashed. In the video you can hear Alex say “We’re so drunk! We’re gonna fuckin’ die!” excitedly. They crashed 5 minutes later.

This is the picture of what was left of his vehicle taken at the impound.

So when you go out tonight don’t let it be the last time you go out. Please don’t take a son, daughter, father, mother, cousin, away from their family.

Call a friend, a family member, call a taxi, Uber, Lyft, take the bus... just PLEASE do NOT get behind the wheel or in the vehicle of someone who has been drinking.

Be safe tonight.