Would you tell her?

Today was my last day at work, (retail) I happen to be at the register helping a couple. The girl walks off to look at something and her Man compliments my eyes as im ringing up their things. I politely thank him and ask what their plans are for the new year are, not thinking much of it. (Just making small talk) He on the other hand asks for my number and if im single. Like what!? Really??? I looked at him and right then his girlfriend walks back, she asks me something ( i honestly can’t remember what) So I told her what her man did. Shit went down after that. She literally went crazy. She yelled at him and began to throw things at him. We eventually had to call the cops. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I instantly regretted it. Was I totally wrong for telling her? I feel horrible for what happen but Also, I thought she should know. What would you have done?

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