Going from exclusively pumping to exclusively breastfeeding

Any advice on how to do it!? My daughter is 3 weeks old. We got off on a bad start and I'm not ready to give up quite yet but bottle feeding her and then pumping afterwards is just not working well for me. We had to supplement in the hospital as she was jaundice and not pooping or peeing at all whatsoever. They also recommended I use a shield as she did not latch well at all. At this point she still really refuses my bare breast. The medela shield was horrible and wouldn't stay on and too hard to juggle holding her correctly and the shield and my breast. I just received the hakaa shield today and it seems more promising. It stays on very well and I can see the milk pooling in the nipple when I pull her back slightly. I offer her both breasts and after about an hour total, if I move or remove her she will act like she's starving and didn't get any milk at all. I have pumped about 45 minutes afterwards and the one time seemed like she may have gotten some. I fed her from a bottle with previously pumped milk and she's eaten her normal amount(about 100ml). Not sure if I should keep doing what I'm doing or not pump at all or just keep her on a breast at all times for now or not bottle feed at all? Help please!!!!!