Telling the parents..

Kirstie • TTC Baby #1 💛👶🏻✨ with DP of 6 years ❤️

So me and OH are TTC - I’m 26 and my OH is 29. My parents know we’re trying for a baby and are completely okay with it - the in laws however are a different story! Me and my OH are not married, not even engaged but we have been together over 4 years and just recently purchased a house together so it’s not like we’re not serious. We will eventually be married but we just want children first.

I’ve never felt accepted by my OHs family and always felt like the outcast as they are very old fashioned and set in their ways and I’m..... not. I’m very outgoing, I have tattoos and I take risks as we only live once.

My OHs sister has just got married and I overheard a discussion regarding her having children and I heard her dad say he wouldn’t be happy if she was to have a child now. Bearing in mind, her and her husband own their own house AND are married, he still wouldn’t be happy?

So my question is, when I eventually become pregnant, how would we tell them? I really wanted to do it in a creative way but I just feel it would be a wasted effort? Any ideas?