Do I “Regift” the blanket?


In March 2013, my 4-year-old cousin passed away. I was pregnant with my oldest at the time. My aunt and my 13-year-old girl cousin, sister to the one who passed, took a huge interest in my pregnancy. My cousin actually made my son a blanket. It took her months. Her mom told me stories of how she basically cried over the blanket because she couldn't get it perfect. My cousin joked about how she’d never make another one. She's pregnant with her 1st now. Would it be appropriate to give her the blanket? Part of me thinks it will be cute the other part is scared she might be offended thinking I didn't like it.

Although they took interest in my pregnancy/son that faded when he was about a year old. He’s 5 now. I’ve wondered if the interest faded because he was kind of a way for them to grieve their lose? Or because we moved 1000 away when he was 6months old an the distance was just too much. (The blanket was given to me after we moved) Would this blanket bring back a sad time in her life?

I also have to add I’m pregnant with my 4th so this isn’t a blanket that is just in a box somewhere it has been *used* for the last 5 years. Meaning it has been a nursery decoration basically because none of my children have took to it.