Could this be preterm labor??

Kelly • 💕Mommy to Gabriel LaBretton and Dalilah Ann💕

Yesterday I started to feel off, I was really tired I even napped and went to bed super early which isnt something I usually do especially on New Year's <a href="">Eve</a>, I was also feeling really nauseous, constant heartburn, lower backache, cramps, pelvic pressure, diarrhea, baby is sitting really low and wasn't moving as much as usual and then I started to have painful Braxton Hicks. Whenever I would get up the Braxton Hicks would get closer together and more painful so I laid down with my feet up and drank some water, the contractions stopped and I was able to go to sleep. I woke up a couple times with contractions but was able to go back to bed so I just tried to ignore it. All today I've been so tired like just exhausted, I'm also still having contractions on and off but more so when I try to get up and do things but they are inconsistent and less than 5 an hour. I also still have the backache, nausea, pain and pressure in my pelvis, constant heart burn, she's only moved a couple times but usually by now I would have felt her go crazy at least twice and she's sitting low and won't move back up I can feel her hiccups in my vagina 🤣 I'm 31 weeks and 4 days but I did go into preterm labor with my son around 33 weeks so I'm nervous it's going to happen again. With him I was having contractions every 5 minutes so I knew to go in but with this one it could all just be normal pregnancy symptoms and Braxton Hicks so I don't know what to do because I really don't want to go into the hospital with a one year old just for a false alarm but this crap hurts!