Relationship Problem


Okay so my boyfriend and I just celebrated our six month anniversary on the 27th. On New Years <a href="">Eve</a> we hung out but I couldn’t stay past 8. Well after that he had two friends come over: a guy and a girl. Well I was home at a boring party where I third wheeled everyone. 12 came to bring in the new year. I didn’t get a New Years KISS but my boyfriend did. He kissed his guy friend when I wasn’t there. They told me about it and I got upset about it because that really hurt me. His two friends (who are also my friends) said I was over reacting but I feel like I was cheated on. Am I in the wrong? Am I overreacting? Or am I right to feel betrayed? Please give me some advice. I’m still hurting.

P.S. sorry if it’s short I kinda wanted to get to the point.