Am I overreacting?

Fiancé and I have been annoyed because a bunch of cars keep parking on our corner lot, they usually move once we pull up. Today we went to the store, came home to a car parked crookedly on the edge of our lawn and our trash/recycling spilled everywhere. Fiancé goes up to the car and an old woman comes out, fiancé asks if she hit our trash bins. She gets pissy and he says “you don’t have to be such a bitch”. Then he picks up the trash and shit everywhere. I felt it was embarrassing that he would say that, as I would’ve just picked up the trash and been done with it. He then went on to tell me once we got inside just because she’s old doesnt mean she demands respect, and he’s pretty sure she knocked all the shit over. I’m currently angry at him because I felt it was out of line. Thoughts?

EDIT: the only reason I’m angry is because he said to her “you don’t have to be such a bitch”. To me it felt wrong