Vvvvvfl and implantation possibly

Theresa • Mommy of 3, two heavenly babies and pregnant with our ❤️💛💚💙💜

Help. I got a vvvvfp. Actually 4 today. Don't judge. Lol anyways I had a chemical Dec 8th. Ovulated Dec 21-22. I am cramping. Nothing crazy. But it's been a few days. I went to Dr for blood work. Thyroid panel, progesterone and hcg. She told me to contact her right away so we can get on top of blood work. I have Hashimoto's. Anyways, I am having a tiny bit of brown discharge along with cramps. I am 11dpo or 12dpo. Af due Jan 6, this Sunday. I am really nervous as I have never had implantation bleeding on any of my babies. 3 alive and 1loss. Just looking for support and comfort I guess. Anyone have similar stuff happening or have been through.