Anyone else think this is weird???


I had a transvaginal ultrasound at 7 weeks (was supposed to be 8 week but found out I'm a week behind what we originally thought) to confirm pregnancy, and got to see the little nugget ♡.

Since then I have had one appointment, about 10 weeks where they did do a doppler and we heard the heart beat (😁😍) but no ultrasound. I have an appointment this upcoming week , 13 weeks.My best friend who is also pregnant (she is about 34 weeks) said I should get another ultrasound at this appointment, however I was told I wouldn't have another till the anatomy scan at 18 weeks. I find it weird not to have one in between. Is it?

I see other mommas posting ultrasound pics from 11,12 and 13 weeks ....I love hearing the heart beat but would've loved to see my little nugget growing too.

Thoughts anyone?