Need advice please


In December we had our first FET and it failed. I have a low amh for my age, so my doctor's main concern was the number of eggs she'd get at retrieval and how many embryos we would end up with. She got 14 eggs at retrieval, 12 fertilized, 3 made it to day 5-6 and we had 2 come back PGS normal. So we only have one embryo left. I want to make sure that we look into anything that could have caused our FET failure. I had a uterine polyp removed a year ago, so the first thing my doctor wants to do is a repeat hysteroscopy to make sure there are no new polyps or scar tissue. I brought up checking for endometriosis during my surgery, which would change it to a laparoscopic surgery. I have no symptoms of endometriosis, but I know that some women don't get symptoms. My doctor said she doesn't think it's necessary right now, but they will do it if I want them to. I just feel like since I'm doing a surgery that now would be the time to make sure there's nothing else going on. Anyone been in a similar situation? Or have any advice?