Feeling discouraged.

themrs • Mommy of two angels and two little girls ❤️❤️❤️

I was diagnosed with PCOS in early November. My OBGYN is sending me to a specialist but I couldn’t get in until mid December just for my husband and I’s schedules never corresponded with each other to see the specialist. So I scheduled for Jan 16. Well I just found out that the specialist isn’t in network with our new insurance. I’m starting to feel like all the cards are against us. I take one step in a direction that could help but never make it past there. I tried some natural stuff and I wanted this month to be my month so bad but and I really thought it was but not I 3 days away from my period just got a negative pregnancy test and I just feel like we will never be able to give our daughter a sibling. And to make matters worse I am so damn tired of hearing “at least you have a kid, so many women would love to have just one!” Well I’m sorry I tried for 3 years and went through 3 miscarriages to get the one I have. Infertility hurts no matter how many kids you already have.