Faint bfp & positive opk?

Melanie • TTC our rainbow baby 🌈💛 one angel baby in heaven 😇

We are trying for our rainbow baby & I had a chemical last month . This month I have done everything possible to try to get pregnant I have faint positives on several tests but I’m still iffy because I’m scared I’m going to have a chemical or they’re faulty test , indents , or Evaps . I read where some women took opks to tell if they were pregnant so I took one yesterday & it was the brightest opk I have ever taken . I have never gotten such a positive test . I’m on CD 32 & I took the opk yesterday . I have irregular periods bc of my pcos & I took Femara this cycle so I’m not sure when I ovulated . First pic is opk & the rest are hpt . I also have faint lines on blue dye tests but don’t have pictures . I’m worried because I got my first faint positive on Jan 2 & they’re not getting darker . Help I’m driving myself crazy ‼️😭