Hi ladies, umm I just have some questions. I’m getting the Skyla IUD (was recommended to me since I’ve never had children and is the smallest IUD) and am being put under local anesthesia for it.

The reason is because back in November, they tried and could barely get a speculum in me without me screaming and crying because I was burning so bad from it.

But my question is, has anyone else had this done before with local anesthesia? Did it just numb you or just relax you? Or both? I don’t know what to expect but I know I’ll be awake and that’s what scares me. I don’t want to watch. I’m terrified it’ll hurt again, I’ve never been in so much pain!

Also, no one knows why I was in such pain. I’m sexually active and sex never hurts like that did back in November (I was burning for 13hrs straight and was uncomfortable to stand, sit, and lay down, and I don’t have any infections).

I’m really nervous and scared and would like to know if anyone else had to be put under local anesthesia and how it went for them. I could use some information on it please! I’ve looked it up but I can’t seem to find anything solid since it’s for an IUD and apparently not very common? Thanks!