Advice/support needed

Ok, so I met this guy a whileeee back in September and we’ve been talking and late night ft calls until we fall asleep and everything. He was flirty at first but we actually started having good conversations..a lil while down the road I have him a blowjob (it was my first time) and it was rlly comfortable and hilarious (joking around the whole time). And for these past few months we’ve been doing stuff like that and talking. My friend said that he said “for the new year I want a relationship” and my friend said what ab me.. and he was like ..”not with her”. This whole time it’s basically been a fwb, but I didn’t realize that I actually really liked him and all. And I was waiting for him to open up and be who I thought he could be but..ig that version isn’t for me. That’s the really shortened version but basically he would get a little jealous when other guys would talk to me, etc. but my friend was like “look he’s never gonna like you like that”. Soooo what should I do?