Right so I (19) thought We really wanted this...really wanted to try for a baby with my boyfriend (20) but now I have it (p.s. just found out n he doesnt know yet...nobody does) im really distraught. I still half live at home with parents and half live with my boyfriend. We have a flat you see but its tiny and we’re saving for a mortgage so I live between houses depending on work schedules and the fact that my stuff doesnt really fit in the flat. Ive just done a test and had a positive and now I dont know what to do. How do I tell my boyfriend? Howdo I tell my family?!? My mum and dad?!? Theyre always telling me to live my life and wait hence why I havent told them we were ttc. I really do want this I just dont want them to be ashamed of me. How do I tell them. Please help me.... im crying n in bits hereby