TW Self harming scars

I suffered from really bad depression along with postpartum depression after having my daughter , I found myself in a deep hole that I felt I couldn’t get out of , that I just kept having suicidal thoughts , I finally had enough and talked to my doctor about it and finally going to get the treatment I need

But during my dark period I started self harming again that my scars turned purple

Is there any cream I could use to help with me with it , just looking at them gives me really bad anxiety

Please no negative comments

These are how my scars look

Sorry for the blurry picture I didnt want my husband to see I was taking a picture of them

Thank you for your suggestions I’ll try that I really hope they help since my family doesn’t know I self harm only my husband and my Step dad which they’ve both been trying their best to understand what I’m going through I took a better picture of my scars and as you can see they are previous ones , I first started 6 years ago and stopped after my son was born I had urges during those times but I was able to control it but after my daughter my depression just got real bad that I was just so overwhelmed