Please give me advice

Please no negative comments I’m already taking everything really hard .

I’m 20 my husband is 21 . We got married off of a whim you could say . We didn’t really know each other besides we saw each other in school , I had just got out of a bad relationship and my current husband was in the marines so in order to move out to where he was stationed with him it made since to get married . I realize now it was stupid and we didn’t know each other well enough. There was a period in time when my husband and I were doing pretty good and I thought we could really last. But latley all of a sudden we aren’t doing good . Everything about him pisses me off . He’s ADDICTED to his phone . He’s just not a fun person. He’s very annoying and boast himself up about everything he does to the point you don’t even wanna support him because he just has such a high ego you can’t go one second without him putting down other people . He doesn’t go two seconds with out constant bitching about everything . We barley ever have sex because i don’t really want to . No he’s not cheating he’s actually very honest with me and he’s a good spouse in that aspect . I have tried talking to him about this about 50 times and his response is “I don’t agree we should get a divorce we suck at communication, I need you to tell me when I’m doing something blah blah blah” but the problem is I do tell him and he ignores it and exhausting for me to constantly have to correct him or ask him not to do the same shit over and over again. I feel like the only reason I’m staying is because I feel like I love the future we could have , when I think about us having our house and kids I think sticking it out wouldn’t be so bad , he’s not abusive he doesn’t call me mean names . I know that sounds childish of me but honestly idk how else to explain it . I love him but I’m not in love . I’ve met this guy at work and we’ve been friends for the last 6 months and I feel a very strong emotional connection NO I have not cheated I don’t even text this guy or anything . It’s just nice talking to him and it makes me think that’s how I should feel in my marriage but I don’t . I’m so stressed because I’m constantly in limbo . I don’t know what the right this is . Do I stick out my marriage or do I leave , please help . It’s making me sick to my stomach and constantly stressed