I’m so done

My husband has low testosterone, high estrogen, and , you guessed it, no sex drive. I hear about how all these people have sex multiple times a week for more than 10 min and it’s embarrassing and heartbreaking. When we have sex, it’s fantastic. But. It may be once a week, or once every other week. And it may last all of 5-8 minutes tops. I don’t know what to do but I’m so fucking done with it. I love him and I’d never leave him because of it. But my god do I feel so alone right now. The doctor didn’t help him and we can’t afford a specialist. I can’t even imagine when we try for a baby. We may never get it. I didn’t want to end up like my parents with no sexual love, and i know it’s the hormones but sometimes I worry it’s also because of me. It’s hard not to immediately attribute it to myself. I already have a horrible body image due to endometriosis, this doesn’t help anything. Just ranting.

No health insurance currently or “regular doctor”