Feeling anxious and like a bad mom already

Charlene • ☺

So I'm due to deliver my 2nd child beginning Feb via cesarean section.

Glitch is I am to start a new job in March after leaving my previous sexist employer who had a problem with me being pregnant.

The new job is everything I want and I didn't disclose my pregnancy during interviews because I wasn't sure I would get it but also because I didn't want to ruin my chances. I knew I would negotiate to start after giving birth.

Now im feeling very bad to leave such a young baby when I was home for almost 8 months with my first. We have a great support structure, my mom will be around etc - but its not the same.

Any advice ladies? Just feeling so sad cos I didn't plan on leaving my previous job, but I had no choice. Should I try ask for flexible work times for a few weeks at the new job as I will be breastfeeding?