I almost died!

Nicole • 💙👶 Lincoln is here 💙 1/5/19

I had my baby boy yesterday and he is perfect and healthy but this momma had a really bad time.

I struggled with high BP since week 24 of my pregnancy. Week 36 and 37 appointments ended with me going to the hospital to be monitored and getting sent home. Week 38+4(Jan 3rd) my BP was 180/110 so back the hospital I went and I expected to go back home because all my tests came back fine but doctor decided to induce.

I got there at 930 and had the balloon inserted and pitocin started at 1245. The next day around 10 am, doctor came back in and took the balloon out, broke my water and I was at a 4. After that my contractions took off. I was having 3 in a row with only 30 seconds in between and then having a resting period for about 3 to 4 minutes. After a few hours of that i was told I was at 5 almost 6 and decided to get the epidural. Best decision ever. That night i was still at a 5 so the midnight nurse had me moving in different positions all night trying to get me to progress. By morning, i was only a 6 and at that point it was 45 hours of labor. So doctor decided it was time for the c section. That was at 930 am. By 950 i was prepped in the OR and getting cut open. They didn't even wait for my fiance and he ended up getting there as our son was getting put over into the box to get cleaned and weighed. Then this is where things took a bad turn for me.

My epidural stopped working on my right side and i felt him stitching me up and putting the staples in. After the surgery was over, because i was on the inducing medication for so long, i started to bleed out through my vagina. My uterus was contracting constantly trying to push all the blood and clots out of me while having just been sewn back up.

7 pounds of bloody clots came out of me. They had to push on my uterus, on top of my incision and stick their hands up there to get it all out. My OB had to be called back in and had to finish "expressing" all the clots. He told me I was about to hate him. I was screaming for 2 hours straight in the recovery part of the OR as I was bleeding out and they were expressing the clots and filling me up with meds to keep the pain and bleeding under control. My BP dropped to the 60s/40s. My hemoglobin dropped from 13 to 7. I ended up getting 2 blood transfusions. My kidneys aren't working the best because of all the blood loss. I've never been in so much pain then being stapled, laying there bleeding out and them pushing down on my uterus.

They kept giving me pain meds but they didn't touch it until after my uterus calmed down and all the clots were out and then i was so weak even with them giving me meds for the blood loss.

i wasn't allowed to hold my son once i was back in my room or be alone with him because my blood pressure was so low. I didn't get to hold him until after my first transfusion finished which was around 5 pm. He was born at 10:13 am.

I honestly didn't realize how serious it was until after it was over and the pain went away. The nurses were great at keeping me calm and kept telling me how good I was doing. It was scary and the most painful thing I've ever experienced. But my baby was born healthy as can be and didn't have a single complication.

Lincoln Theodore. 7 lbs 1 oz. 19.5 inches long. Born at 10:13 am

January 5th 2019. Looks just like his mommy.

***THANK YOU EVERYONE!! For all the kind words, blessings and love. It's also amazing to see how many of you experienced something similar to what I did.

I did end up getting a 3rd blood transfusion and my kidneys are still recuperating but they released us on January 8th. It's so nice to be home with my little family.