Hi All,

I fell pregnant last October. Because of this I signed up to do a PGCE (teacher training) as I’ve been a teaching assistant for 5 years and wanted better income for my baby. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage end of November at 7 weeks. I’m wanting to try again but from what I’ve heard the PGCE course is intense and it’s going to be a very busy and tough 10 months. I’m wanting advice on how far into it should I go before trying to fall pregnant again? I don’t want to wait too long as my doctor said within 6 months after a miscarriage my chances of conceiving are higher but I also worry about being pregnant half way through the course. I know I shouldn’t rush ttc but it’s been 3 doctors now (2 western and one Chinese medicine) whom have told me to do it sooner rather than later .. I’m 30 this year but I also know it’s important to focus on this course as it will mean my husband and I will be much better off financially. Anyone have any experience with ttc and doing a PGCE??? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks