So this just happened.


So long story short I have pcos I've tried the clomid back in early 2018 nothing happened and nothing else helped. my fiance and I have been together 5 years and never had protected sex. And I've been wanting another kid for so long. Well I finally gave up said I wasnt having anymore I was done. Well that was about 2 months ago when I said all that. last night I took a test just to ease my mind bc my boobs were hurting but no other symptoms and with the pcos my cycles are always 35-95 days so that didnt cross my mind. Well I shocked to see that second line popped up.....

so my point is that God has a plan it may not be when you want (ex: my wedding is Sept 7,2019 and my estimated due date is Sept 14,2019) but he definitely has a plan for you just give it some time.