Plastic waste: do you really need to take that pregnancy test?

Have you ladies ever thought about how much plastic waste we generate from taking ovulation and pregnancy tests unnecessarily? It’s estimated that 2,000,000 pounds of pregnancy test plastic ends up in landfills each year

Plastics and microplastics are filling our oceans, negatively impacting wildlife and ourselves as a consequence. ***Most importantly, affecting the world of the children we want to bring into this world***

It pains me to see ladies take 2-3 pregnancy tests a day, in anticipation of that BFP band. Every pregnancy test (e.g. First Response or Clearblue) is enveloped in unnecessary single-use plastic, which gets dumped into our ocean.

For the love of our world and our children’s future, I ask you to please be cautious of this - stop obsessively taking pregnancy tests prematurely.

With love,