Update on what’s going on.


48 hours ago at 11pm I woke up and couldn’t stop vomiting was up all night and finally at 4am I decided to go to the ER all they did was give me fluids, pushed one of zofran, and sent me home with zofran prescription, got home still couldn’t hold down food, water, sprite, my meds NOTHING. so I went back to the ER at 3:30 yesterday and they gave me phentermine through and IV and also gave me a shot of it, I was getting up to leave after the shot my face and lips turned white and I fainted on to a chair (keep in mind I’m 5 weeks pregnant with an HCG of 4,271 as of yesterday) so they made me stay longer to get fluids and keep an eye on me. Finally at about 3 this morning we got home and I finally felt good and was able to sleep. Well I woke up this morning with a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE left upper back pain that radiates to my chest especially when I lay down. It hurts so do anything... breathe, lay flat, literally anything. So i called the doctor and they said since I’ve been throwing up non stop for two days it’s probably a pulled muscle and since you’re pregnant you kinda justbhave to deal with it and take Tylenol. And y’all can I just say I am dying. I am so thankful for this baby after having a miscarriage but I am absolutely miserable. It feels like a heart attack. I have my first OB appointment Wednesday and I’ll be so relived after talking with her. Just wondering if anyone of y’all have thrown up so bad y’all have the back and chest pain from a pulled muscle. I know that’s what it is but anytime I get a loan in my chest that takes my breath away it’s worrying. I just wanna feel better.