In or out Cm 7DPO

Staci 💕 • TTC for five months 👶🏻🙏🏻for a miracle 🙌🏼

Hey guys

I’m not sure if this is normal as I don’t symptom check but ovulated either on 30th or 31 December, id BD all around those dates after ovulation my tests were negative and I got creamy CM l, today I’ve had a lot of clear stringy CM.... I’m 7DPO is this normal or am I out?

I’ve been feeling like I’ve got a cold and my boobs are killing me along with bad mood swings it’s not normal for me. I’m worried now that I’m completely out because of the CM have had? Any one had this after ovulation.

I’m no ovulating again as I’ve done a test and it’s negative.