Sore breasts and an ex

So I was with a boy for 3 years. Things got messy, he cheated, we split up. I met someone at work, we had a flirt every time we saw each other & slept together a couple of weeks ago now. We didn't have protection but were both a little drunk so did it anyway. He said he cumed on the floor not on/in me. 
A couple days later - close to a week I started getting sore breasts. Then my ex re-appeared the other day, we got a hotel and slept together and he cumed inside me even though I didn't agree to him doing this. I then got a morning after pill the next day (I took it within 12 hours) 
Two/three weeks after the guy from work, I have incredibly sore breasts. I am due on in 3 days. However I've never experienced sore breasts before/during a period. Would anyone know what's going on?!