Name question

Not sure if I’m looking for advice, thoughts or what, but here it goes. I’m due at the end of February, my husband and I have had a name picked out since we found out we were expecting. This past Christmas I overheard my cousin say something about his daughter and it is the same name that we have picked out for our little one.

Little back story, I see this cousin one time a year if at all. I have never met his daughter, he doesn’t see her at all ( a couple times in her life) I actually forgot he had a kid since he isn’t in her life really and I rarely see him and I’ve never seen her. He has been in and out of jail so this is why the mother of his child doesn’t really allow him to see her. (I’m not bashing people with a rough background I just want to paint the picture) like I said, I see him maybe once a year and it’s on Christmas. This side of my family isn’t really close.

My husband and I have a very long and difficult last name so we wanted to keep it as short and sweet as possible so this is why we fell in love with this certain name.

I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but this is a name that we already associate with our daughter.. What would you do in this situation?