Is an 8 quant high enough to be detected on a FRER?!


Ladies! I have been going you the doctor every two weeks to have my blood drawn to make sure my levels are dropping from my miscarriage. It’s been a very painfully slow process, as my miscarriage was over 4 months ago. I finally got a period, and I wear the Ava fertility bracelet that said I ovulated on 12-26-18. My last quant test was 1-3-19 and the level was 8. We baby danced throughout my fertile week. So that means I’m 12 DPO today and had a positive pregnancy test today... is it possible to get a BFP with only a 8 quant?? I do have some symptoms, too. Sore breasts and a little nauseous this morning. Am I pregnant again?! I’m so confused 🙄