I tried anal 😬

I tried anal for the first time today and I could use some tips. I wasn’t prepared for it at all today, we didn’t plan for it to happened 😂 I never thought that I’d even consider anal, but while having sex my boyfriend slipped a finger up there and it kinda felt good, so I let him keep going. He asked me if I wanted to try anal (he had never done it either) and I was VERY hesitant at first. He didn’t really push it, but eventually I decided to agree and try it. He was sure to be very gentle and went very slow at first. It kinda felt good but also kinda uncomfortable. I’m assuming it was mostly uncomfortable because it was my first time and I wasn’t prepared. He seemed to really like it so I’m willing to give it another shot, I would just like to be more prepared. Tips pls?

(I’m also rly sore which isn’t great)

((This is tmi but I also really feel like I need to shit, we had sex about 20 minutes ago, is that normal?))