Early pregnancy or weird period?


A little background. My last period was 12/10/18. On 12/21 I tested for ovulation and got a high reading, later that day I experienced pale pink spotting. I just assumed it was due to ovulation. I finally got a peak on 12/23 and 12/24 my next period should be 1/7/19. Yesterday I had cramping in lower back, extremely painful breast and nausea. I had light brown spotting last night and just assumed I would have full flow by morning. No period still today,breast are tender,headache and nausea comes and goes. The spotting is very faint. I called my Dr. this morning and he told me to come in and so I did. Urine test was negative,but it was late afternoon and I had urinated several times before testing. I will say my last pregnancy I didn't get a positive test until 6 weeks along.I will post a pic of spotting. TMI I know but I am concerned,stressed. Thoughts and opinions please.