Etsy/blogging/freelancing questions


I just started an Etsy shop today! (Damniana is the name if anyone wants to take a look). Anyone run one that has advice?

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out this WAHM thing. I'm really crafty so that's where I decided to start. I've been looking at a lot of the resources for freelancing and the like, and I was thinking that this might just be the time to start a blog also, centered around being a WAHM/SAHM/"crunchy"/ect. I could share my experiences with the different job types and all the parenting things.

Does anyone on here run a blog? Has anyone tried and given up? What was hardest for you? Send me your link?

I'm also concerned about getting enough work in the freelancing department- I don't really have any qualifications or experience in fields I seem to see most often. Any advice there? Where did you find it easiest/best to start?