Early Symptoms?

This might be a little TMI, but, I need advice.

So I was ovulating/fertile a little over a week ago

We had sex for about a week straight, with no birth control, however I took one plan B.

We had sex a few days ago and when he put it in I bled a lot. So much we thought I had my period.

We took a shower, I wasn’t bleeding anymore but I put a tampon in, then took it out a couple hours later to realize it had no blood on it. I haven’t bled since.

I’m expecting my period in the next 4 days.

My discharge is super thick, thicker than it’s ever been. I only have discharge when my S/O and I are sexually active.

My nipples are really puffy/swollen looking.

(More swollen than normal when getting my period)

It wouldn’t be the worst thing to be pregnant right now. However we both wanted to travel a bit more before we had a baby.

Does it sound like early symptoms or period?