Should I end this over racist comment?

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My friends comments are starting to really really bother me.

We have been friends for about 7 years, she's Mexican and I'm the only black friend she has ever had. But every time I see her she ask me the same ignorant questions, about blacks I won't get into that. However this is what drove me crazy I'm 5 months pregnant and she said "I'm lucky my baby will have a light complexion" 😡😡😡 am I being dramatic or is that not racist as heck. I got offended and said that when the spaniards invaded and raped her ppl they convinced the masses that lighter skin was considered beautiful. Similar to what Europe did to Africa,however I don't want my baby having lighter skin I'm not brain washed and love my African roots.

Ok the next thing she does is comment on how I don't have a wedding ring ( I know the complete history of wedding rings and do not support them) and she says she wants a big wedding ring so if her husband leaves her she can get money for it. Again another ignorant ass comment. I feel like mentally I have out grew her but idk if I should talk to her about it or let it go.