High risk preterm labor paranoia


I had my 1st at 32 weeks after a rapid spontaneous labor and although it's not that early the complications were very severe, my daughter had a brain hemorrhage after birth and then never fully recovered from it - she is almost 12 y.o. now and has severe cerebral palsy. I'm 26w with my 2nd child and I'm in high risk for a preterm labor because of my previous birth history. I'm doing fine, all scans and tests have been good so far, and my cervix is not short, so nothing obvious for doctors to address. I've been doing weekly Makena injections. I also have a weekly phone call check-up with preterm labor nurse - they ask if I had any concerning symptoms etc. After 24-25 weeks I started getting more Braxton Hicks contractions and ordered Bloomlife contraction tracker to be sure I don't miss any patterns. It shows a lot of contractions at night for 1.5-2h after I fall asleep but then it's all good, none at all or 1-2 an hour. I've read that it's common to get more during night time and as long as they are irregular it shouldn't be a concern. I feel like the bigger I get the more fear is growing in me that something will go wrong/early, especially after reading other stories about preterm labor from other April moms. It all comes back to me what I went through with my 1st... :( I know each pregnancy is different and I try to stay positive but wanted to connect with other high risk moms here for support and advice. How do you cope with fear and uncertainty? I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up in April... Thanks for reading!