What to eat

KP • Mama of two DD 04/14 and DS 03/16. #3 and last due 3/19
Anyone else having a hard time finding healthy things to eat everyday? I don't usually eat terrible, I eat mostly well and watch how much calorie intake I have daily. But definitely don't do organic everything or stuff like that. I am not a vegetable fan and like only some fruits. I struggle with what to eat for breakfast and lunch, mostly lunch. Dinner is always home made and a vegetable is always included. For breakfast my go to is scrambled eggs and toast or oatmeal. But I sometimes indulge in some cereal or waffles. Lunch though, unless I have leftovers I have a hard time. Anyone else struggling? Any food ideas that you can share? I didn't eat super healthy with dd and she is a perfectly healthy child but I also want to try not to gain as much this time. (45 lbs with dd)