Stretch marks and diastasis recti

Anyone struggling to come to terms with their new bodies? I have 4 sisters, one of which had twin boys, and none of them got any stretch marks (neither did my mother), yet I have a tummy full. I am normally a size 8 and when I see myself naked I just want to cry. I had diastasis recti (5cm after birth) and it’s now 3cm but I still have a noticeable ‘pouch’. I was a gym goer prior to falling pregnant and was toned and fit, so this new body feels so foreign to me. I know I should be grateful as I was able to have a child etc but all that aside, I’m feeling really down and don’t have any mum friends to discuss this with. I also have anxiety about going out alone with Bub (5 weeks postpartum). I’m exclusively breastfeeding with nipple shields as Bub has a tongue tie and we are on waiting list to have it corrected. I just feel so overwhelmed especially when I see mums bounce back so fast and totally rock being a new mum. I never knew how hard this would be.