Lost do I give up or keep living in hell

So been married for 12 plus years. We had up and downs more downs then ups really. Was apart for about 8 months. He raped me went to court and all that stuff. He said he would get help so I was dumb and went back for one for the kids just to live in one house. The kids did not like going from house to house. And two I wanted to work things out.

Fast forward to December all hell breaks lose. I have a lot of guy friends but my husband and his parents hate that. I went out to dinner with a guy friend and they all bitch me out because they said I was messing around on my husband. Yes this friend my husband never met but we only had dinner nothing more. Have told my husband about this friend they just never met yet.

They tell me when I can leave the house beside me going to work or getting the kids.

So do I keep trying to work things out or just leave.