jackie ❤️

Wanted to write this post to all you beautiful ladies out there that have been ttc don’t give up & have faith that it will happen 🙏 I can finally say I’m pregnant after ttc for 2 years . I just want to tell you all that I understand you & have been there too , all those months of trying & getting all those negatives & all those tears every month when I thought I was pregnant . This will be my third baby hoping everything goes well & don’t give up today I did a pregnancy test and in my head I thought it would be negative as all the other ones to my surprise it came out positive and I couldn’t be any happier just when I was giving up it happened. Just a little advice ladies don’t stress about it and let things happen I know it can be so hard especially when we really want it to happen I gave up trying six months ago & I put it in God’s hands & all I can say is that this is the best way to start 2019 ! Good luck to all of you girls ttc & don’t give up ❤️