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This is my second baby, I’m 2 days shy of 35 weeks I have been in preterm labor since week 31 I have received 2 rounds of steroid shots in my hips at 32 weeks and have been to the hospital twice they had to stop my labor giving me medicine. I’m dilated 2cm and 50% effaced. I’ve lost my mucus plug 2 weeks ago and still losing chunks of it, my contractions have started up again I’m suppose to go back this Friday for another cervix check and another round of steroid shots my ob doesn’t see me making it to the end of January. Considering I’ve been in preterm labor for weeks. Im considered high risk right now.

When should I go? My baby is also third stage breech with head under rib cage so if I went into labor she would be via csection my doctor said the only reason she hasn’t came yet is because she is breech. But these contractions are getting out of hand and starting to become pretty painful. Should I wait a couple hours and go in when they become more intense? Or...