I’m so done with family seeing my baby and I don’t care if that makes me selfish.

Why isn’t any of this not common since?

1. DONT kiss a baby that isn’t yours, UNLESS you get the okay from the parents.

2. DONT put your finger in the babies mouth. That is unsanitary, especially if you smoke.

3. DONT smoke around a baby. Common sense.

4. DONT feed the baby food/juice under 6 months old. UNLESS you get the okay from the parents. (I was in the other room with my nephew, my dad gave my son HOT SAUCE. HES 5 MONTHS OLD)

5. DONT share bottles or things that’s been in another babies mouth. (Seriously, my husbands dad was going back and forth with a bottle with his other grandson. He had to tell him to stop)

6. DONT try and give the baby whiskey because they are teething. It is not right. Idc idc. (I’ve seen this happen, not with my son though) 🔪 🤛

These are SIMPLE RULES 😫

They shouldn’t even be rules.

You should just know.