Did that really just come out of my bfs mouth?

I pick up my boyfriend from work, go to Walmart to get water, ended up getting him beer (again), coleslaw mix(I’m on keto and I’m making an egg roll in a bowl), eggs and I go to grab grapes and I’m like... never mind I really can’t eat these.

2 ladies nearby heard it and look at me like I’m growing an extra limb out of my body. Their like what?! No grapes? Girl get ya some grapes. We get to talking about keto and how I’m just trying to watch what I’m eating etc. My boyfriend and I checkout after my convo, pack the car up and get in.

AS WE ARE LEAVING THE MOTHER EFFIN PARKING LOT, this guy (my boyfriend) all of a sudden says to me “My girlfriend... mmm never mind. Pauses. I know someone who lost 100 pounds by walking and drinking water”.

First of all.. he’s talking about his exes family member (I’ve heard that story a dozen times from him because my weight bothers him) and second of all the boy had the nerve to say my girlfriend?! We’ve had problems with her since we started dating 2 years ago. He’s been talking to her and lying to my face about it, writing her letters about how he missed her. That’s not all of our problems but she’s been a BIG one.

Ya girl is about to say peace out ✌🏼 what would y’all do if it were you?