long story short: this guy I’ve had my eye on for quite some time finally asked me out. I told my mom about him and how he is a drum major and committed to band and choir and smart and IB shit but he also drinks and smokes weed and that’s all she can focus on. If y’all have any points to argue besides that “there’s more to him than alcohol and weed” please reply Bc I need to change my moms view of him Bc I haven’t liked someone this much. (Btw he’s 18 I’m 17 if ur curious) My opinion is that it’s his life. I don’t personally do drugs but I have definitely thought of if because our school is nicknamed stresswood and I’ve gotten drunk once and would do it again. I don’t judge people who do things like that because I believe everyone should mind their beeswax lol but my mom is a strong believer that it is horrible and just whoever does it is a bad person. Oof help plz