I’m so hungry and emotional 😭😖😢


So when I tell y’all I’ve been eating!!! I busted a can open yesterday no can opener just spoon and a knife to make my sloppy that I’d been craving. I ate macaroni before that and trust me it was ALOT. It’s almost 3 am and I feel like I’ve never ate. 😥I didn’t think my hunger would get so intense. I know someone’s like “duh your pregnant “ but please understand I’ve never ate like this except when I was overweight going through depression even in my last pregnancy I was not this starving. Hormones have set it off even more because now I’m emotional about being hungry even waiting for my food to warm up makes me sad because I want it now. 😖😖😖.

**Excuse me venting **

I know this is normal just wanted to let this off to someone who’s reading.