How do you keep baby warm at night when they sleep in their own space?

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This sounds ridiculous but it’s been 4 and a half years since my first was born lol I honestly can’t remember like half these stupid simple things! I don’t remember what I did with her but she was so attached to her swing that the majority of her first year she just slept in her swing with a blanket over her and arms out. This time I cosleep and long story short we moved from the couch to the floor. We got a new couch in November that is just ridiculous to try and cosleep on. So I made a bed of blankets and we’ve been on the floor since. It was also a step towards breaking cosleeping since on the couch I’d hold her in my arm or she’d be on my chest and now I’ve got her right next to me instead so we’re not touching. I want to move her to her pack n play before her crib (her room is too far for me to accept her in yet lol) Right now I put her in long footy jammies with part of my blanket covering her or a long sleeve onesie or a short sleeve onesie and sometimes I swaddle with arms out to keep her lower half warm still since she kicks off the blanket sometimes lol so what do I do when she’s on her own? She doesn’t roll yet so of course the swaddle is good for now but what do I do when she starts to roll?? Tia!