boyfriend trouble

so me and my boyfriend hit abit of a rough spot last night ending in a massive argument but I love this man & im not ready to let this wreck us, I wrote up and letter and was planning on leaving it on his bed after I leave his house in the moment, I need advice ladies.. give it to him or delete it and forget about it, if you ladies think I should add or delete anything please let me know below xx thankyou

Although this may seem a little cheesy I have been up for hours with the thought of you running through my mind so I decided to put down in words my love and appreciation for you in the best way I can, from the very first time we reconnected in person after all the years I knew you would impact my life, I never thought it would be to this extent but I truly don’t think its capable for me to be any happier. I will never forget Saturday the Twenty Forth of November 2018, we sat together looking out onto all the gorgeous lights where I was able to have the chance to learn more about you, cannot deny that on this night we had just clicked in the most magical way possible, it was as if every shitty moment within those past few months had come to a stop because none of it mattered when we were there together, I remember so specifically coming home late that night for the reason I really just did not want our time together to come to an end. After that night I began to fall so hard for you so quickly, I had never met someone like you, you truly always have the best intentions, your heart is so pure as well as you’re always looking out for me, always protecting me, I had never met a man in which was so honest, respectful, genuine, crazy, caring, fun and just purely amazing. Since that night I have continued to fall for you more and more every single day, there is truly just something about you, I feel as though I have found my soulmate, nothing has ever felt this right before, I am truly so very deeply in love with you. I cannot find a single flaw when it comes to you, there is not a single thing about you that I don’t love, you could not possibly be any more perfect in my eyes. As cheesy and maybe cringe as It sounds I never believed I was capable of loving someone as much as I love you. I cannot ever thank you for the experiences and life lessons you have taught me, you truly have helped me in so many ways and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly show you the appreciation I have for each and every single time you sat there with me and talked out a situation with me, all the times you listened to me vent about past experiences or drama in my life, even all the times you helped me fix my car. I have never looked up to someone or respected a man in my life the way I do with you, you really opened my eyes to a completely new world and I cannot ever thankyou enough for doing so. You have continued to stand by my side through everything, through all the petty girl fights with my friends to all the crazy and chaotic drama with my family, we can make it through anything, we are a team, us against the world. Forever and always. Saturday the Twenty Second of December 2018, in the earlies hours of the morning, truly the day you changed my life completely and made me even happier than I ever believed possible. I cannot wait for the years to come and to see the memoires we will share whilst also watching the obstacles we will overcome together. You and your family are truly the biggest blessing in my life and I cannot ever thankyou enough for taking a chance of me josh, I promise I won’t let you down. I love you.