Am I overreacting?

So, my boyfriend is a security guard at a hotel. He didnt have time to shower this morning (should have set alarm for earlier), and has to leave immediately following work to drive 2 hours away to get an IT certification for a new job that he wants. I asked, "are you showering?" his response was, "no melissa is gonna help me out" he has claimed to not have female co workers numbers. Melissa is a receptionist at the spa at the hotel which is use for guests only. I don't feel comfortable with that at all which I told him. The sneakiness I don't like..another woman is gonna help you out in that way..then he said I'll shower in a room then. Again, for guests only. Sneaky again. Hes abusing his right as a security guard which makes me think he will be shady and hide things from me. Also leads me to other questions, how did he know she would help him out if he didnt have her number, or if this wasnt already planned? He knew she'd be working today..must pay that much attention to her schedule. He was acting funny before I found out about the shower, usually kisses me and says good morning, I even asked if he was okay.

Not sure if these are red flags