Kaladin Ross, 1/8/19


Finally! After 26 hours of labor. I was induced, starting the pitocin at 5am yesterday. At 8:30am my OB broke my water. Got my epidural at 10:45am. Dilation was extremely slow, ended up on a 40ml dose of the pitocin. I also had to be put on magnesium for my blood pressure which was not fun. It made me so hot! And I had to get a catheter put in (which was exceptionally painful for me). I also threw up 7 or 8 times (just water) because my stomach was so empty, the meds, and the pressure! Honestly the most miserable thing was my constant dry mouth (like sandpaper) and limited water/ice chips because I kept throwing up. Once I got 6cm around 9pm things sped up, though I had to have an epidural adjustment done because contraction pain was coming through. Started pushing at 12:30am. My nurses were awesome! It was painful and I legitimately thought I was going to pass out several times. My contractions also started being 6-8 minutes apart until the re-upped the pitocin which made it a long process with way too much time in between pushing to contemplate my life decisions. It felt surreal. After two hours of pushing, the nurses called my OB to catch him but baby was having none of it! Before my OB got there Kal popped out and was crying! He walked in and saw and just said "Well holy shit!" 😂 He delivered my placenta which I barely noticed and stitched me up (first degree tear) and baby was on my chest! Born at 2:44am, 7lbs 4oz and 17.75 inches long!

Whew! I did it! Now for a nap!