Torn on what to do


My sister is getting married in a few in Jamaica. I’ve been holding off committing to going because I’m conflicted. My husband and I are TTC. I’d love a basically paid for trip to Jamaica for a week and really want to see my sister get married. However The risk of the zika virus has me torn. We hadn’t told anyone we were TTC because we wanted to keep it private. When my sister kept pressing me last night that I needed to book our flights pointing out she knew I could afford the trip because all it would cost me was the plan ticket I broke down and told her. She said got mad at me. She said that the risk was to low for me to use it as an excuse and then went on a rant about how it’s to early in my marriage to be trying to get pregnant. I know no one but my husband and I can decide if we’re ready to have a baby so that’s not why I’m torn. But if we go we have to stop TTC for at least 6 months to a year. I’m not sure I want to put my life on hold because my sister chose a destination wedding. And frankly the money for cost of the flights would come out of our second savings account we have set up which is meant for emergencies and/or a down payment on a house at the end of the year. So I’m also torn because it would delay my family’s plan to buy our first home for at least an additional 3-6 months (we each work an extra job we’re we work 2-4 shifts a month and put the money made from there directly into that special savings account). My husband said it was my choice what we did and he’d support either decision but he personally doesn’t feel like it’s worth the risk or money. But he would understand if I choose for us to go. Am I being selfish for wanting to not go even though she paid for the room and resort fee already? I didn’t ask her to book and pay for our room. She did that on her own after I told her months ago I’d have to see if we could afford the trip. She told me only after I got the confirmation letter for Christmas.