HPT progression.


I know some ladies want to see HPT progression hoping their BFN will turn into a VFL. I tested negative at 9 DPO. I went and bought tampons while I was at store bc I knew AF was coming. I had been symptom spotting and by this day they had all disappeared. Didn’t feel anything except a little soreness in my right boob. But, my breast always ache before af so didn’t think much of it. I had ordered pregmate brand test earlier and they came in at 10 dpo, i didn’t even open them. Figured I’d wait until next month. Then on 11 DPO, I just thought,”just take one anyway.” So I opened the box and peed in a cup. After dipping the test it came up a light positive, then another then a walmart brand then two first response then another pregmate. I am def pregnant as I went yesterday 14 DPO and got my blood checked. Here is my test from start to finish

Negatives can turn positive!!!😊